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2010.21 (edited).mp3
Oral history interview with Cathie Vick (née Murphy), who has lived in Deseronto, Ontario, from the age of eight.

2010.23 (edited).mp3
Oral history interview with Cecil Root, who has lived in or near to Deseronto, Ontario, most of his life.

Duncan interview.mp3
Recording by Don Duncan, made November 26th, 1990, comprising two older recordings.
(01:16) The first is of Jack and Bill Duncan (Don's father), made in 1967. The two men reminisce about their early days in Canada. Jack [John] was born in 1896 and…

2010.22 (edited).mp3
Oral history interview with George Root, who has lived in or near to Deseronto, Ontario, all his life.

Oral history interview with Joan van der Voort, who moved to Deseronto in 1980. Her great uncle, Elgin van der Voort, lived in Deseronto and was the town's doctor and active in the United Church. Mrs van der Voort lived in Toronto as a child and her…

Oral history interview with Beverley Boomhour (née Cole), who has lived in Deseronto, Ontario, all her life.

2010.20 (part 3 of 3).mp3
Oral history interview with the Reverend Canon Cyril Betts, Rector of the Parish of Tyendinaga and Chaplain to Her Majesty's Loyal Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte between 1972 and 1979.

2010.25 (edited - part 1).mp3
Oral history interview with Don Fingland, who has lived in or near to Deseronto, Ontario, most of his life.

2010.26 (edited).mp3
Oral history interview with Delores Freeman and Elaine Gardner, who spent their childhoods in Deseronto. Their father, Evan J. Gardner, owned a number of stores in the town and was also the town's funeral director between 1932 and 1949.

2010.27 (edited).mp3
Oral history interview with Tillie (Matilda) Sherman, born 1916, who lived in Deseronto for much of her life. Her father, Joseph Laverture, was the projectionist in Naylor's theatre and her brother, Alec, worked at Clapperton's glass factory.
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