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Photograph of Deseronto's hockey team of 1910, "won 6, lost 1".
Back row: J. H. Wonnacott, secretary-treasurer; Rev. A. H. Creegan, vice-president; Alex. Therrien, P. J. Johnson, George Houle, executive committee; R. J. S. Dewar, president.

Photograph of William Purvis (on right) and a colleague, standing next to the Deseronto Utilities Commission vehicle beside the pump house by the waterfront in Deseronto, Ontario.

Photograph loaned for scanning by Purvis's granddaughter, Cathie…


Photograph of Helena Purvis in front of a car on Main Street, Deseronto, Ontario. The car's licence plate is 623N8.

Photograph loaned for scanning by Helena's daughter, Cathie Vick.

Photograph of Cathie Vick (née Murphy), aged about four, on Main Street, Deseronto, Ontario. The photographer was looking to the south and the pump house and waterfront can be seen behind the child.

Loaned by Cathie Vick for scanning,

Studio portrait of a group of ten boys, all dressed alike. The boy in the centre of the front row is holding a small trophy. The boy immediately behind him has been identified as Fletcher Vick, but the identities of the other boys and the occasion…

Five unidentified Deseronto High School girls, dressed for gym.

Loaned for scanning by Cathie Vick, September 2010.

Group of teenagers from Deseronto, Ontario, heading to Kingston to take part in the CKWS television show 'Teenage Dance Party' in May 1959.

Back row: Roger Cole, Wally Vick, George Russell
Front row: Carole Cole, Cathie Murphy, Sharon…

Cathie Murphy receiving her Grade 10 diploma from Mr Rutherford and Mrs McTavish, Deseronto High School.

Photograph loaned for scanning by Cathie Vick (née Murphy).

Scanned and laminated copy of a photograph of the students of Deseronto High School, taken in 1959.

Names listed on the back of the scan are:

Back row: Gerry Loney, Randy Brant, Norm Babcock, Jack McNamara, John Tunnicliffe, Stuart McAlister,…

Cathie Vick's badge as a cheerleader for Deseronto High School, c.1960.
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