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2010.21 (edited).mp3
Oral history interview with Cathie Vick (née Murphy), who has lived in Deseronto, Ontario, from the age of eight.

2010.23 (edited).mp3
Oral history interview with Cecil Root, who has lived in or near to Deseronto, Ontario, most of his life.

Memories submitted in a comment to the Deseronto Archives blog (

Duncan interview.mp3
Recording by Don Duncan, made November 26th, 1990, comprising two older recordings.
(01:16) The first is of Jack and Bill Duncan (Don's father), made in 1967. The two men reminisce about their early days in Canada. Jack [John] was born in 1896 and…

2010.22 (edited).mp3
Oral history interview with George Root, who has lived in or near to Deseronto, Ontario, all his life.

Photograph of Deseronto's hockey team of 1910, "won 6, lost 1".
Back row: J. H. Wonnacott, secretary-treasurer; Rev. A. H. Creegan, vice-president; Alex. Therrien, P. J. Johnson, George Houle, executive committee; R. J. S. Dewar, president.

A series of six emails written in 1999 by Mary Hawley MacDonald Selby (1916-2009) to her granddaughter. The emails describe day-to-day life in the town for the Hawley family, who had trouble finding work during the Great Depression. Mary's brothers,…

Poem about Deseronto, Ontario by Richard N. Goodfellow, Deseronto resident.

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Preceptory token back.jpg
A penny token from the Deseronto lodge of the Royal Black Preceptory, a protestant fraternal society.

The wording around the edge of the coin reads "DESERONTO R. B. P. No.928 * DESERONTO ONT *". In the centre of the coin is a skull and cross bones…
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