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A poem on the occasion of Deseronto's centennial celebrations of 1989.

Delores Gardner, aged about four, dressed for Halloween as a funeral director (her father's profession). She is sitting in a chair on the veranda of her parent's house at 122 Green Street, Deseronto, Ontario.

Photograph loaned for scanning by…

Newspaper cutting about the establishment of a community parking lot on Main Street, Deseronto, Ontario.

Loaned for scanning by Elaine Gardner, October 27, 2010.

Scanned copy of a photograph of the Deseronto Fire Department's ambulance, a 1937 Cadillac LaSalle. The vehicle has now been repainted as a US Army ambulance and is currently owned by David Bosco, who lives in France and who provided this photograph.

Copy of a photograph of Bay View Ranche, the Rathbun family's experimental farm to the north of Deseronto, Ontario, now Fingland's Farm. The large brick house on the left of the shot burnt down in around 1906. In the centre are horse stables and a…

Photograph of Cathie Vick (née Murphy), aged about four, on Main Street, Deseronto, Ontario. The photographer was looking to the south and the pump house and waterfront can be seen behind the child.

Loaned by Cathie Vick for scanning,

"Delores & Daddy"

Delores and Evan Gardner outside their home at 122 Green Street, Deseronto, Ontario. Evan Gardner was a funeral director in Deseronto between 1932 and 1949, initially at this address, and later at 78 Centre Street.


"Delores & Daddy"

Photograph of Delores and Evan Gardner. Evan was a funeral director in Deseronto, Ontario, between 1932 and 1949. His first premises were in Green Street and he later moved to the property at 78 Centre Street, north of the Post…

Snapshot of Delores Gardner, aged about six, standing on the south side of Main Street, Deseronto, Ontario. Behind her is the Stewart House (formerly the O'Connor House), which was demolished in the 1990s.

Photograph loaned for scanning by Dolores…

Poem about Deseronto, Ontario by Richard N. Goodfellow, Deseronto resident.

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