Interview with Joan van der Voort, September 8, 2010

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Interview with Joan van der Voort, September 8, 2010


Oral history interview with Joan van der Voort, who moved to Deseronto in 1980. Her great uncle, Elgin van der Voort, lived in Deseronto and was the town's doctor and active in the United Church. Mrs van der Voort lived in Toronto as a child and her cousins' accounts of visits to Deseronto made her determined to live in the town one day.


08 September 2010


Joan van der Voort
Edgar Tumak
Amanda Hill




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Edgar Tumak
Amanda Hill


Joan van der Voort


Mill Street, Deseronto, Ontario

Time Summary

0.00 Joan has lived in Deseronto for 30 years.
Talking about Joan's great uncle, Elgin Van der Voort, who was a doctor in Deseronto
Story about May van der Voort tobogganing in Deseronto – a toboggan ending up underneath a horse.
Joan heard about Deseronto – swimming in the bay. Made her want to come and live in the town, but she never got to visit.
Elgin van der Voort lived at the corner of Mill and Thomas Streets. The building was torn down about 10 years ago: a two-storey brick house. He was a keen gardner.
6.00 Talking about Deseronto – peaceful, but some drug busts in the town.
8.00 Her father used to visit Deseronto: used to come by train to the town.
9.00 Joan talked about her working life in Deseronto (childcare of the Tompkins children) and Napanee
12.00 Stores in the town; Lott's jewellery store; memories of Mrs Doran, whose job was to keep the children under control in Naylor's theatre
15.00 Pastimes: playing the piano; looking after grandchildren; playing the organ at the United Church; discussion about square wooden pipes in the church and churchgoing
18.00 Discussion about Deseronto Public Library, in its old location on Main Street and the number of computers available to the public