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Duncan interview.mp3
Recording by Don Duncan, made November 26th, 1990, comprising two older recordings.
(01:16) The first is of Jack and Bill Duncan (Don's father), made in 1967. The two men reminisce about their early days in Canada. Jack [John] was born in 1896 and…

deseronto public.jpg
This is a picture of the staff of the school in about 1970 or so. I don't remember a lot of the names. Bottom row left to right Louise O'sullivan, then I don't know, then me (Linda Nickason) in black white dress, green shirt don't know,Tucker can't…

Snapshot of Robert N. Burkitt.
Ten photographs taken in and around Deseronto by the Burkitt family. Bill Burkitt ran Burkitt's Groceteria at 344 Main Street, Deseronto in the 1950s and 1960s.

2011.28 (1) Snapshot of Robert N. Burkitt. c.1953

2011.28 (2) George Wannamaker,…

2011.14 (part 1).mp3
Oral history interview with Gord Burley, former Deseronto resident, and his son, Gordon A. Burley.

A series of six emails written in 1999 by Mary Hawley MacDonald Selby (1916-2009) to her granddaughter. The emails describe day-to-day life in the town for the Hawley family, who had trouble finding work during the Great Depression. Mary's brothers,…

2011.07 (edited).mp3
Oral history interview with Marvin and Linda Brooks, who lived in Deseronto until 1981.

2011.02 (2).jpg
Copy of a photograph of members of the Deseronto Fire Department in front of their fire truck, outside the Fire Hall in Edmon Street, Deseronto, Ontario. An accompanying note gives the names of the firemen as: Captain Jim McVicker, Percy Knight, Don…

A poem on the occasion of Deseronto's centennial celebrations of 1989.
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