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Photograph of Deseronto's hockey team of 1910, "won 6, lost 1".
Back row: J. H. Wonnacott, secretary-treasurer; Rev. A. H. Creegan, vice-president; Alex. Therrien, P. J. Johnson, George Houle, executive committee; R. J. S. Dewar, president.

William MacDonald Mackintosh (on the right) with a trade-show stand for the Rainbow Protex Company. The firm manufactured auto top dressing and boot polish. Its works were in Deseronto. Mackintosh was a chemist who worked with waterproofing, textiles…

Mosier family.jpg
This photograph shows Roy, Ruth, Audrey and Vernon Mosier (all siblings). It was taken in Deseronto c.1926-1927.

Copy of a photograph of Bay View Ranche, the Rathbun family's experimental farm to the north of Deseronto, Ontario, now Fingland's Farm. The large brick house on the left of the shot burnt down in around 1906. In the centre are horse stables and a…

Scanned copy of a photograph of the Deseronto Fire Department's ambulance, a 1937 Cadillac LaSalle. The vehicle has now been repainted as a US Army ambulance and is currently owned by David Bosco, who lives in France and who provided this photograph.

Photograph of William Purvis (on right) and a colleague, standing next to the Deseronto Utilities Commission vehicle beside the pump house by the waterfront in Deseronto, Ontario.

Photograph loaned for scanning by Purvis's granddaughter, Cathie…


Photograph of Helena Purvis in front of a car on Main Street, Deseronto, Ontario. The car's licence plate is 623N8.

Photograph loaned for scanning by Helena's daughter, Cathie Vick.

Photograph of Cathie Vick (née Murphy), aged about four, on Main Street, Deseronto, Ontario. The photographer was looking to the south and the pump house and waterfront can be seen behind the child.

Loaned by Cathie Vick for scanning,

Studio portrait of a group of ten boys, all dressed alike. The boy in the centre of the front row is holding a small trophy. The boy immediately behind him has been identified as Fletcher Vick, but the identities of the other boys and the occasion…

Five unidentified Deseronto High School girls, dressed for gym.

Loaned for scanning by Cathie Vick, September 2010.
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